• Watch an 1150 awhp Nissan GT-R put bus lengths on a Bugatti Chiron

      A Bugatti Chiron is a nice status symbol. Beyond that, it is a very expensive way to go fast in a straight line. The Bugatti is not a track star due to its porky nature and more an exercise for Volkswagen to show off with all that money they made while cheating diesel emissions.

      A tuned Nissan GT-R can easily humble the Chiron despite its 1500 horsepower quad turbocharged 8.0 liter W16 motor.

      The GT-R is lighter by roughly 800 pounds but it is surprising it only takes 1150 awhp to gap a Chiron like this from a stop.

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        BLKROKT -
        More like, *A* bus length. But still, that guy OWNS A CHIRON. #winner