• ZR1 Action - C6 ZR1 vs. C7 ZR1 on the strip plus streets pulls vs. 1185 AWHP GTR

      Everyone is curious about the new 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 for obvious reasons as it is the most powerful Corvette ever built. We know it is a monster from the dyno numbers but how does this translate to the strip and the street?

      Race Proven Motorsports got their hands on the new ZR1 and decided to have some fun. The video is pretty long so for those who don't have time to spare here are the highlights.

      At the 7:35 mark the C7 ZR1 runs down the strip. It is a manual so keep that in mind. The result is an 11.55 @ 129.79.

      Now, people are going to start saying stupid things like the C6 Z06 is quicker and faster and blah blah blah. Getting quick times from a manual Corvette isn't easy. Especially one with this much torque on street tires.

      The Z6 ZR1 with RPM's heads, cam, and tune runs next. It is said to be making 880 rear wheel horsepower. It does a 10.14 @ 145.59.

      The two ZR1's run each other next. The C6 ZR1 obviously crushes it and runs 10.16 @ 148.14. The C7 ZR1 must have let off as it does an 11.52 @ 123.72.

      So, we'll have to wait for someone to hit the strip with some better rubber and better conditions to really show what the C7 ZR1 can do.

      At the 16 minute mark the C6 ZR1 takes on a Nissan GTR which dyno'd 1185 to the wheels on E85. Much, much stronger than the C6 ZR1 but also quite a bit heavier. The ZR1 is also running a 100 shot on top.

      The GTR gets a jump in the first run and clearly pulls. On the second run, the ZR1 bumps the juice to 150. With a better start it is fairly even between the two until the ZR1 shuts down.

      The C7 ZR1 numbers will improve shortly but this goes to show how you do not go by one set of numbers as reference of a car's capability especially early on.

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      1. Aces's Avatar
        Aces -
        129mph isnt really that impressive on that track. Its in Maryland where the DA is consistantly negative.
        Unless he is just a horrible driver.
      1. Sticky2's Avatar
        Sticky2 -
        It's a poor trap for sure. This thing should be doing 140.
      1. BlackJetE90OC's Avatar
        BlackJetE90OC -
        That is streetspeed's ZR1. He has a video on his channel of some highway pulls against his 570S.
      1. subaru335i's Avatar
        subaru335i -
        Too bad RPM is a garbage shop. The owner old Franny boy is a wannabe reality star and can't tune a car without blowing up to save his life. Also he likes to joyride and crash his customer cars and then tell them to go $#@! themselves.