• AMS Infiniti Q50/Q60 V30DDTT Red Alpha ECU tuning through Ecutek Bluetooth OBD-II

      AMS is doing an excellent job on the VR30DDTT platform and as a reminder was the first to break into the 10's. For those of you with a standard Q50 or Q60 3.0 wanting Red Sport level power or more AMS has you covered with their Red Alpha ECU Tuning.

      This is an E-tune through the Ecutek OBD-II system.

      Here's how it works:

      Quote Originally Posted by AMS
      Our Red Alpha Calibration file takes full advantage of your INFINITI VR30ís untapped potential. By precisely adjusting camshaft timing, boost output, and air/fuel ratios, your 3.0L twin turbo equipped Q60 will produce over 400 wheel horsepower and a pavement shredding 460+ ft/lbs of torque with just the Red Alpha Tune! Be the INFINITI VR30DDTT owner to beat. Order your Red Alpha Calibration today!

      When you choose the Q60 / Q50 Red Alpha Tune you receive:

      • E-Tuning Service
      • Ecutek License & Dongle
      • Ecutek Bluetooth Flashing/Data Logging Interface
      And here is the result:

      They have the Red Sport Q50 and Q60 models covered as we well:

      It sure looks like it does not matter whether you start with a Red Sport or standard VR30DDTT.

      Excellent results from AMS.

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      1. RobNyc's Avatar
        RobNyc -
        Tune only ? wow
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by RobNyc Click here to enlarge
        Tune only ? wow
        These things are pretty potent.
      1. Michael@alpha's Avatar
        Michael@alpha -
        Yeah with just a tune! We are getting a steady stream of the 300 HP Premium and Silver Sports in for tunes and our Heat Exchanger installs.