• A 1968 Mustang convertible with a 2JZ swap and 730+ whp? Sure, why not?

      2JZ no shit... ok, ok, an old reference. Not as old as this Mustang though which is a 1968 model year convertible. The owner decided to do something different and he swapped in a Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE and built the motor with 10.0:1 compression pistons and forged internals.

      A PTE 6766 turbocharger goes on top with Pro EFI engine management and the result at 30 psi is 730 rwhp.

      Pair that kind of power with a fairly low 3000 pound curb weight and you get a monster of a car that can barely keep the rear end planted.

      There will be purists who hate this and it certainly has a bit of a 'Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift' feel to it (although that Mustang utilized an RB26DETT swap) but it certainly makes for a unique take on a classic Mustang.

      Full Rotisserie restoration
      Every single panel except for the A-pillar, dash, and rear sail panel have been replaced with new sheet metal
      Epoxy and painted underbody
      Custom subframe connectors
      Scarlet Red paint (Nissan color)
      New glass (windshield, door glass, vent windows)
      Brand new Convertible top (plastic window) with new Header bow (manual top)
      New Bumpers
      New tail lights (sequential leds) and bezels
      New headlights, buckets, turns, backups.

      Weld RTS (15x8 rear) (15x5 front) 275/60/15 Mickey drag radials Hoosier front runners
      Master Power power brake conversion
      Front-Upgraded disc brakes, Granada calipers, rotors.
      Rear – Wilwood 2 piston disc brakes (stainless lines)

      New Autometer Sport Comp gauges (Speedo, Fuel, Trans temp, Oil pressure, Tach)
      ProEFI CAN gauge
      New Dashpad,
      New A-pillar panels
      New Door panel inserts with armrest
      New door pulls, window cranks
      New Interior Capreting with Hushmat sound deadener
      Recovered Quarter panels interior
      New Kickpanels (with speakers)
      New Procar SCAT reclining seats
      New Seat belts
      Relocated battery to trunk
      Sound deadening sprayed in trunk
      Custom Center console
      New visors
      New Header chrome and visor brackets

      2jzgte – Built High Compression Engine (10:1)
      Brian Crower Rods with upgraded bolts
      Wiesco 10:1 Pistons with upgraded pings
      Machined Block
      New Factory Toyota crank
      New WaterPump
      New Oil pump
      HKS 272 Cams
      BC Springs/retainers
      New Coil packs
      Custom Catch can
      Lokar Throttle cable
      Dual Electric fans
      Mishimoto Alum radiator

      Precision 1200cc Injectors
      SP Dual feed Fuel rail
      Magnafuel external 750 Fuel pump (support up to 2000hp) with pre and post filters
      Sumped fuel tanks with -8 feed to dual -6 and a -6 return (center of rail)
      Flex Fuel sensor
      Fuel pressure Sensor (proefi)

      Turbo Kit
      PTE 6766 CEA turbo
      SP Torque Monster manifold (ported )
      Tial 46mm wastegate
      4” downpipe/exhaust (custom)
      Tial BOV
      4row Intercooler with 3” alum piping.

      TSI Built Stage 2 TH400
      Midwest Converter (3800 stall)
      B&M Trans cooler
      Suburban driveline HD driveshaft
      Quicktime Built 9” rear.

      Street &Track 4..5 Mideye leaf springs
      Caltrac rear traction bars
      New Front 720 Spring
      Street or track roller perches
      Bilstien shocks front and rear
      Arning drop (Shelby drop)
      New Strut adjustable strut rods
      1” sway bar
      Aftermarket Rack & Pinion
      Ididit Chrome steering column with grant wheel

      ProEFI 128

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      1. Zombie1's Avatar
        Zombie1 -
        Nope. 👎🏼
      1. 93siro's Avatar
        93siro -

        For the sake of being different he could have swapped the Ford Barra 4.0T engine and be both unique and purists-approved. To each their own though and definitely and clean execution.
      1. nbrigdan's Avatar
        nbrigdan -
        Oh man that's nasty. Wicked and great looking build.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        I agree with those of you who don't think that motor belongs under the hood but it's a great looking car and a great restore job.
      1. Zombie1's Avatar
        Zombie1 -
        It’s a super clean build there is no denying that. To each his own I just don’t understand it, I respect the work that went into it that’s for sure.
        Also sticky got rid of the Silverado and got the Colorado zr2 for some off road fun.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Zombie1 Click here to enlarge
        Also sticky got rid of the Silverado and got the Colorado zr2 for some off road fun.
        That's pretty cool. Make a damn thread on it!

        Everyone is buying new cars but nobody is sharing anything about them.
      1. MSIZZLE's Avatar
        MSIZZLE -
        car is well done but i agree this is blasphemous! Give me a rumbling v8 in that car all day long