• Drag and roll races between the Merecedes-AMG C190 AMG GT R and the Nissan GT-R

      For some reason Carwow keeps getting awesome cars to test despite doing some of the crappiest tests in the automotive world. Let's just focus on the cars here as there is some serious hardware present in the Mercedes-AMG GT R.

      Now, if you buy a GT R to drag race or straightline race with you completely missed the point. Not that the car can not do that well it just makes more sense to get a standard GT for less money and tune it. Why bother straightline racing a car built with extra downforce specifically for the roadcourse?

      The roadcourse is where the GT R shines and it is one of the best automotive buys in the world in that respect.

      The GT R on the other hand makes a lot of sense as a straightline platform but it can hold its own on the roadcourse despite its age. Just not against the lighter and more nimble AMG GT R.

      The way this race should go down is the Nissan gets a jump thanks to AWD and the GT R runs it down. That is what happens.

      Which means from a roll the GT R should pull fairly easily. Indeed, it does.

      Carwow, please figure out what a trap speed is.

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        Bowser330 -
        The Nissan is showing itís age, itís a car from 2009 thatís been factory upgraded a few times....itís due for a full replacement and hopefully Nissan makes the R36 absolutely nutty. Cheers to AMG they finally got the true GTR.