• Big Boys - A pair of F1X Procharged C7 Z06's vs. 1000+ whp GT-R, 800 whp turbo Coyote, and 890 whp Whipple Coyote

      Procharger F1X supercharged C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06's are monsters. Topping 1000 horsepower at the wheels is no problem with the monster centrifugal blower on the LT4 V8. It also changes the power character of the motor to be far more about top end power rather than low end torque.

      That means it is a great option for highway racing.

      In the video below you have a manual C7 Z06 (white) with a Procharger F1X and an automatic version (black).

      The first run pits the white Z06 against an 800+ whp turbo Coyote. The Mustang does very well but ultimately can put pull. They run again and the Mustang opens up a lead which it holds. The third an final runs features an even start but it looks like the Mustang misses a gear.

      Next up is the 890 whp Whipple supercharged Coyote. It also does well but ultimately is pulled up top by the white Z06.

      A 1000 whp GTR tries its luck next. It just flat out runs away from the Z06. Impressive!

      The two Z06's are up next. The black automatic car just crushes the manual car. If you want the quicker option, it's the automatic. They run again and the outcome is the same.

      Great vid.

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        Steve B. CBR -
        A friend
      1. Steve B. CBR's Avatar
        Steve B. CBR -
        A friend built the white car. Apparently, the owner was still getting used to the setup. He was shifting too early (6500), where as I believe the car made peak power at 7k rpm or something. The car has more in it.