• 2019 Ford Ranger picked last in comparison with Jeep Gladiator, Honda Ridgeline, and Chevrolet Colorado

      This is from Car and Driver and that alone should make one pause regarding the result of this comparison. It certainly is odd the new Ford Ranger places last in the comparison considering it offers the strongest acceleration and best towing capacity.

      4th Place:
      Ford Ranger

      Highs: Smooth powertrain, butch good looks.
      Lows: Insufficiently reengineered from the version sold elsewhere in the world.
      Verdict: If you're going to be late to the party, at least get it right.

      So what i the problem here? Ford is penalized for basically carrying over the truck from other market. Ok, so what? It is not like the Colorado or Ridgeline are beautiful or luxurious designs inside or out. The Ranger actually looks pretty good.

      Fair areas of criticism are the performance of the suspension and braking which seem to e the worst in class.

      The power plant is said to be the best so it is odd to see it finish last. Apparently the package around the powerplant just feels dated.

      3rd Place:
      Jeep Gladiator

      Highs: Have you heard? They're making Wranglers with pickup beds now!
      Lows: Fifty-five large and that's not even the top of the pricing pyramid.
      Verdict: You'll love it even when you don't want to.

      Everyone loves it yet it is the heaviest, slowest, and most expensive. The Gladiator seems to survive mostly on its looks and that the suspension soaked up everything off-road.

      It just seems odd there are so many things they don't like but they say it makes them smile while driving. Just an odd conclusion.

      2nd Place:
      Honda Ridgeline

      Highs: Everything pertaining to objective vehicular agreeability.
      Lows: The minivan jabs hurt because they're true.
      Verdict: What nearly every mid-size-pickup-truck buyer is actually looking for.

      The Honda truck gets points for driving like a Honda car. It has the best handling and ride figures. So is this a truck or a Camry on stilts? It offers the lowest tow capacity and is the second slowest.

      If you want a comfortable and docile truck to do minor things with the Honda makes sense. Considering it has the least amount of real capability why does it finish in second place?

      1st Place:
      Chevrolet Colorado

      Highs: Compared with the others, it drives like a 911.
      Lows: Well, a 911 with a gritty engine and a low-budget interior.
      Verdict: Most of the virtues of the other trucks all rolled into one.

      The Colorado essentially does everything pretty well. It has the best steering and overall feel. It seems to be the most well rounded.

      Well, until you get to that ugly interior. It is very, very ugly.

      The Colorado wins because it does well off-road or with towing and its engine is the second strongest in the test but we all know the Ecoboost just needs some software to really set itself apart.

      Frankly, all of these trucks seem to come up short and the segment seems like it is missing a modern truck chassis with a turbo powerplant and real capability. The Ranger is not what we hoped it would be.

      It is great to see resurgence in the mid-size truck game but it feels like nobody is putting forth a truly strong effort so manufacturers are just going through the motions.

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      1. richpike's Avatar
        richpike -
        I think the problem is the Ranger is an old design. Wait for the new one out in a couple years that is a ground up redesign with the US in mind. It will rock the mid-size segment. In the meantime, Ford is going to cashcow this and take advantage of the mid-size truck resurgence.

      1. 93siro's Avatar
        93siro -
        A V8 Gladiator would be the best thing in the world. I just love it. Convertible pick up truck is the stuff of my dreams.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by 93siro Click here to enlarge
        A V8 Gladiator would be the best thing in the world. I just love it.
        Same. Such a shame it will never happen. Same with the V8 Wrangler.